Website promotion

Website Promotion

Website Promotion. Website promotion is a process used by webmasters to improve website exposure and bring more visitors to your website. Sam vd Meer is a professional website promotion specialist  for better rankings in Google.

SEO Specialist    Sam vd Meer

Sam vd Meer is a SEO specialist who has been working with search engine traffic and internet marketing  since 1999.

Specializes in  SEO, social media, and  helping Big and small businesses recover from SEO issues.

Positive Online Reviews

Having issues with bad online reviews?

90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business

Online reviews are more powerful than ever. Positive online reviews are online marketing gold Sam vd Meer can help you with your bad reviews.

Who are you?

SEO specialist 

Sam vd Meer

Married for 14 years in 2018

Two kids

A dog and two cats

Trying hard to get your website rank on top of search engines?

Sam : I can help you to rank better in Google

What is the best 2018 SEO advice you've got?

 Sam : Make Your Content Easy To Read and much more.....

If someone has any questions?

Sam :  I am always open for questions

Send Sam a message

What did you do for other companies?

Sam : SEO for lawyers . Attorneys need to ensure their websites show up effectively on search engine results pages.

And helping big and small businesses with there SEO.

What Other Companies Are You Helping with your SEO

Sam : I can't say sorry

What do you do?

Sam : Immediately Improve SEO Ranking of Your Website. (It takes a view weeks)

Are you one of the best in Google search engine optimization

Sam : Yes , I am one of the best in Google search engine optimization.

Be SEO prepared for 2018

Sam : Sign up with me and it will be a great 2018.

Focus on a long-term SEO strategies that will keep you competitive in the year ahead.

How do I Get my Facebook page on the first page of Google.

Sam : Its all about Page Authority (PA) Score . Facebook starts with Domain Authority (DA)100  Page Authority (PA)1.

With good backlinks you can boost up your Page Authority (PA) to get your FB Page  on Google 1.

Do Facebook likes increase search rankings?

Sam : Spending time getting likes on Facebook doesn't directly result in better search engine results.

Your Page Authority (PA)1 will stay the same. But if you have likes and backlinks you will rank better in Google .

Do you boost awareness of a brand (brand recognition)

Sam: Yes I do create a strong brand presence online via blogs and more. Creating brand awareness is one of the key steps in promoting a product.

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